Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Christmas Season Begins

Good Morning to you.

Happy Sunday and December 1st!!!

Yesterday Heath carried, from the basement, all of our a Christmas decor boxes.  (That is a lot!!) We accomplished much, but I'm not nearly finished, and the tree isn't decorated.  It probably will take a solid week or so to get things how I like.  I "collect" Christmas decor, so my boxes grow every year. :)

This morning, hot homemade cinnamon rolls are warming in the oven as I type this with my coffee in hand.  I made them as "fuel" to our Christmas decorating weekend yesterday, and they were a huge hit!  The little ones were gobbling them up from our hands as the cinnamon and icing ran down their faces, and chins...clothes. :)

Here is some of my cozy Christmas decor I awoke to this morning on shelves in my kitchen.  I just love the warmth it creates in our home!

Some of my favorite ornaments never make it to the tree, but are sprinkled around the house ....

We had a AMAZING Thanksgiving, and I hope you did, too!  I praise Jesus for Heath having time off this year, since we didn't get to go home last.  Sorry to run, but I need to get ready for church, although first let me show you a pic of mom's delectable lemon cake with sugared fruit. This cake is a Thanksgiving tradition for us, but this year the sugared fruit she made sent it over the top!  I have got to try this.

Beautiful, Mom!!!

Finally, a family photo on Thanksgiving....
Have a blessed day as we begin to focus on Christ's birth in this special time of year!



elizabeth said...

Sweet family photo! And those cinnamon rolls, yum. Your decor is warm and cozy, too!

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness, that cake looks amazing! Love to have the recipe. Happy Holidays to you and your family!