Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Wonderland Weekend!


What a surprise blessing to get a snowy weekend in the Christmas season, for once!!!  We've been in a winter wonderland here since the ice and snow began on Friday, and the deeply cold temps have kept the white blanket from going anywhere despite the sunshine yesterday.

Pumpkin pancakes were in order for two excited children!

What's better than eating pancakes in a dining room with a Christmas tree and frosty windows?!  Well, the kids didn't care less as long as they got lots of maple syrup!!

Christmas decorations are basically finished!!  But are they really ever done?... I find myself moving and tweaking all month long. ;)

I. Love. Our Christmas tree!

Not because it's the best, but it is beautiful in our red den, and it's chock full of memories hanging on each branch.  That and really cute, fluffy ornaments, too!

This house may be 68 years old with it's share of quirks, but it really shines this time of year!  It brims with traditional red and green, garland and cinnamon pine cones, ribbon and wreaths, and more than plenty snowmen and gingerbread!!!

I took these pictures while the snow was coming down, and the world outside was hushed by silent falling of fluffy flakes.

(Just want to insert here that I know that only by God's  grace and through His love do I have a warm, cozy home to keep.  I need to remember this every time I complain about our heating bill.  At least we have warmth, when some don't even have shoes. My heartfelt prayers go out to those people.)

Our kids were napping.  I had my new Thriving Family magazine to read and huge mug of hot chocolate to drink.

This was a very rare snowy day- perfect moment for this mommy.

Our advent calender in on the mantle.  We are actually getting use of after owning in for about 6 years.  I think the charming German gingerbread style house is adorable!  Reminds me of ones we saw in Rothenburg!! 

When the kids awoke, the snow had fallen and I knew it was time!

Time to do what I've dreamed of my entire life.  

Playing in the snow with my own children!  God is SO faithful!!!

My snow angels!  :)

This was pure joy our faces!  We all had a big time!!  Daddy even managed to make an adorable tiny snowman despite the powdery snow.

We came in, stripped off our many layers, and toasted our toesies by the fire!  

Of course this was the right time to drink some old fashioned hot cocoa with marshmallows!

Yesterday I made a huge batch of caramel popcorn to deliver to loved ones.  The season of giving is here.

Last night, despite the weather, we bundled up to attend Cookies and Cocoa party at our friends, the Dunns!  I'm so glad we did.  We enjoyed confections from cookies to cake and all between!  There was even a game of hide and seek our children managed to arrange with a few adults, haha!  Fun memories!!

We came home with full tummies and sleepy heads.  That doesn't mean there wasn't time to admire the magical lights of the Christmas tree before bed.  

I want to talk to those of you who are trying and struggling to have a family like we did, please,  please hear me on this.

I know Christmas can make your struggle harder.  We were in your place for 7 Christmases, and a few of them included many sad days, especially after losing our Bailey.  

I don't ever want to wave a "look what I have" flag, because for a long time I could hardly imagine my life on this side.  The deceiver told us we were the ones was without a "family" since we didn't have kids. Lie ...

First off, just you and your spouse make a family.  I will always believe that!

Second, your day is coming.  (I know you've heard this before.)  It's SO hard now, but it won't always be if you allow God to carry you and trust His plan!!!

Third, you're not alone.  Many others mourn losses this time of year, and in my opinion, infertility certainly feels like a loss.  Turns out, there were several others in our circles dealing with the same struggle. 

I will especially be remembering you, because I remember what it felt like just last Christmas!

Lastly, everything can change in a heartbeat. :D  God is a God of Wonders!

Luke 1:3845
"For nothing will be impossible with God.
And blessed is she who believed that there would be fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord."


elizabeth said...

Praise God that He does hear and answer our heart's cry!

Sabrina said...

I am so glad for you all. GOD IS SO GOOD!!! Your kids are adorable. You all make a beautiful family!

I wanted to comment on your kittie sleeping on the back of the chair...he/she looks very content, too!

Merry Christmas!