Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Take a Walk With Me

I've been super busy but won't you come and take a walk with me, and we can spend time together!  I probably know most of you, but there may be a few reading whom I've never met before.  Let me first say thank you so much for reading, and I plan on being very real in sharing my heart in this blog.  Welcome to life with the Cates!
It's been absolutely gorgeous weather the past couple of days, so even though I've been almost "pull my hair out" busy, I've made myself get out and exercise!  I'm so glad of this because especially on lovely days like these when the temps hover around 70 in the morning and the birds are singing, I find being outside an enormous stress reliever.
Before I continue on my walk with you, I guess I should share a few of the things that have been filling my days and nights....
First of all, full-time working couples and those with children already, I have no idea how you manage to go through the extensive adoption process and still do all the necessary things!!  Like showering for instance.  (lol)
I'm preparing for my very first speaking engagement tomorrow night at a ladies banquet.  I'm thrilled to have been asked to do this!  You know, when you tell the Lord you want to be used, He WILL use you!   I don't consider myself a speaker, but He told me I am.  When God speaks, things exist.  So, I'm a speaker!!
Everything filling my days are blessings to say the very least, but this time of year is full already.  But when you add making a (pivotal) profile book, researching and applying for grants and loans, which then require more emails, letters of rec, and fundraisers, there isn't much time to even make a cup of coffee in the morning!  Much less laundry, meals, or sweeping the mounding drifts of pollen we have from our shaded lot.  (Please tell me your driveway is covered, too!)  Well I actually love having an excuse to be outside, can you tell? :)
I'm currently doing a fundraiser of Derby pies for a $20 donation, and it's been an enormous blessing!!  My friend Shareen Dunn and her family have always loved my family recipe of Derby pie, and she was the one who came up with the clever idea.  Especially with living in Louisville and the Derby being this weekend and Mother's Day fast approaching there are many reason for dessert.  But really, when is a pecan and chocolate filled buttery pie not a good idea?
So, I'm learning how to make a pretty and tasty pie when you "mass produce" it.  Making one is easy.  Making 8 takes more strategy with the timing of my oven, etc. I'm learning fast what to do and not to do!  A good thing to remember is to go ahead and set your butter out and even eggs.  Also when the ingredients are all out, pecans already chopped, and your kitchen is as relatively tidy as possible, the process goes much more smoothly!
Heath and I are constantly smelling these heartwarming pies and just the wafting fragrance smells like God is answering our prayers!  We are so thankful to have so much support in all areas by not just family and friends, but even strangers who don't know us well.  I wish I could personally give every one a big hug who is helping along in this process! 
Lee-Anne Fenwick is a new friend and neighbor of ours. She so graciously surprised us by taking giving us our adoption announcement photo session as a gift!! She's very talented in her developing photography business, and has a heart that is goes very deep for orphans.  Lee-Anne and her husband have adopted 3 children, and she has been so supportive of us.  Thank you so much, Lee-Anne!
Well, as you can see this was a beautiful day to take a walk/run.  I walked most of this time so I could take some pictures to show you the beauty in our neighborhood.  I love this quiet boulevard that's just a block away.  The middle is serene park with a wide sidewalk and benches, and either side are lovely historic looking homes as you can see from above.
A little farther down, you'l find pristine lawns with a white picket fence which is something I thought only existed in the movies!  Look at the darling window box in the distance.
You know what Mom said last week is right!
The sky does seem to look bluer .....
And the sun does seem to shine brighter ....
When there is a baby on the way!!!
I had Pandora on Jesus Culture, loud enough I could sing to (yes, I do!) but also quiet enough I can hear Spring singing around me.
My heart also sings a tune that of praise....
God is so good, so faithful and He Redeems!
He is The Anchor that holds!!!
So if you come to my house right now, you'll may happen to find my bed unmade, clean laundry in piles (with full hampers), and white coats pockets to repair and iron. Probably a trashcan brimming butter wrappers, empty bags of chocolate chips and lots of banana peels because they're cheap and fast to eat. A green pollen covered porch that needs sweeping and a car that needs to go through a monsoon to get clean. A desk with lots paperwork to be filled, emails to get returned and songs to be learned for Sunday. A kitchen timer going off as the baker is blogging. ;)
 An apron clad girl may greet you with her wet hair in a very messy bun, day old make up with camel back full of coffee (ok, maybe not that).
But I can guarantee what you will find is the most content and happy couple who may be tired but is brimming with joy and peace in even the most hectic environment!  There is a girl here with a heart that's growing larger everyday with love for a baby that has been prayed over for many years.  
You will leave knowing that there are two people who will do whatever God tells them to do to find the family they've been promised!!!