Monday, March 30, 2015

March Madness In More Ways Than One!

March has been so busy, but it has ended so exciting and with answered prayer!!!

To find out more of what I mean, I invite you to hop over to my other blog, The Cozy Little Kitchen, (just click on the link) where I'll let you in on the new stuff going on in our ever changing lives. 

Thanks for following our journey!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Come Over to "My Kitchen"

It's another snow day here as we got a ton of snow last night for Kentucky, and it is gorgeous!  I thought I was over the snow for this year, but once it starting to coming down the beauty of it all reminded me how much I love a good snowfall!!  Right now I'm enjoying a cozy mug of white hot chocolate with cute snowmen marshmallows while the kids nap after playing in the snow.  As you know, I so enjoy a hot drink!

I wanted to invite you to come to my other blog, The Cozy Little Kitchen, to read last night's post.  Not only is it an update of what has been going on this year, but I share some things God has been laying on my heart as I open up a little about some recent daily struggles I'm overcoming with the Lord's help.  I hope to see you over there!