Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall Mornings

Cozy fall mornings at home with family are some of the very best!  It's chilly outside but the candles are lit, fire in the fireplace, most comfy slippers warming my feet, and pumpkin muffins just out of the oven!

There is nothing like slowly waking up with vanilla coffee in the darkness of my home by a warm fire, and talking to my Lord because He is here with me.  I usually have my most intimate times with God in the morning when I'm alone with Him. 

Awww, the house smells so great with pumpkin and cinnamon spice, I can almost here Christmas music playing now!!   It's less than 8 weeks away now! Speaking of Christmas, I hear my sweet little ones are awake so I'm going to get them up.

Have a beautiful day.



Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Beauty

These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.  John 15:11

I stand amazed at God's creative hand every October when the trees turn crimson red, firey orange, golden yellow, and deep plum!

This picture below is the street we live on.  Our neighborhood in Louisville is stunning every year in the fall.  The sugar, red, and Japanese maples along with dogwoods and other varieties glow along streets!  Their colors surround the houses with a canopy and provide a blanket of crunchy leaves on the ground perfect for jumping in.  I decided to take a walk yesterday while Heath was home with the kids, but I did it more for capturing the beauty of it all than excersize!

This was the prettiest leaf, so I picked it up along with a few other favorites to show the kids.  We get excited to put beautiful leaves and acorns around our pumpkins outside on the porch steps.  It's becoming a simple little tradition that we enjoy doing.

I even have fall colors adorning the inside of our home now that Heath lovingly bough me this bouquet of gorgeous flowers this week!  I love fresh flowers!  I think they look perfect in this colbalt blue pitcher my parents bought us for our anniversary.  I'm like my mom and enjoy using pitchers to hold flowers most of the time.  I think it looks so cozy!

Here is another beauty in our home that is one of God's finest!!!  Our baby girl dressed as Tinkerbell for a fall party!  (She is calmly watching Mickey Mouse on the television with I'm getting ready.  You can see Peter Pan in beside her!) :)

As you can tell I love autumn, and I love the colors it brings!  The anticipation of Thanksgiving is here as I'm gathering recipes for delicious pies and dishes to make for one of my favorite holidays to cook for and spend time with our family!

How is your Autumn going?  What is some of the beauty God has placed In your own life?  Take the time to look for it today, because He gives it for us to enjoy!