Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Showers

This morning I woke up just before his alarm, to the steady rumbling of thunder and soft pattering of rain above our 2nd story, loft bedroom.  April showers had come!

What a soothing sound to lay in the covers and listen to, but still I would've rather been asleep at 5:15.
My dedicated husband rolls out of our warm bed to start his busy day while I still had two more hours to sleep.  Sleep didn't come, but a myriad of familiar thoughts did instead.  Tossing and turning for over an hour, I began to crave a cup of dark roast coffee more than the dark bedroom I was so relaxed in.  There is only so long I can lay alone with my thoughts.  

I talked to God about Heath's day, and prayed for our family before making the decision to make myself some coffee downstairs.

Our stairs creak--loudly-- under my feet as if the 69 years old floors moaned from arthritis.  It was something I found rather charming until we had children who wake too early upon the sound of a pin dropping.  

Creaky floors by sleeping babies will make you walk like the Grinch in Cindy Loo-Who's living room!

Eagerly I made a fresh pot of coffee, and raise the blinds in the dark to see puddles on the ground and rain glimmering on the window.  God is watering the earth.

What is more relaxing than the sound of spring rain?

So, here I am with my dark roast coffee splashed with cream, while being under my sweater blanket more for comfort than warmth, and asking God to prepare me for what may unfold today.

He is telling me to get my eyes off myself, my problems, setbacks, and (dis)comforts.  When my focus begins to shift to others, my children, husband, a friend, family, and those I don't know, I'm more likely to be used effectively by Him.  

When walking through life, you'll miss out if you're looking down at your feet!

This isn't a new concept at all or some epiphany.  Sometimes for me it takes the quiet to really hear Him and to get that seed of truth planted deep in my heart.  That's when He begins renewing my mind to be more like Jesus.  When that happens I start seeing things more the way He does.  (Lord, that's my heart's cry!)

What joys there are in life besides earthly pleasures! 

Today alone, I already have so many!  A loving husband, 2 beautiful, precious children, our good health, and a safe dry home.  There is the soothing rain, the job Heath gets up early for, the beds we sleep in, and coffee hot and delicious to savor.  

God gives us a new morning every 24 hours for His new mercies that I'm always so grateful for, and a fresh start of our life, if we want it!

As the kids stir in bed, I'm reminded of blessings that should be counted but are usually overlooked and then there are ones we feel entitled to without realizing just how precious they are.  

Sometimes I forget there was One who gave it all for those most precious "things" I have.  Like my salvation, redemptive love, and transforming forgiveness and grace!  Priceless things money can't even touch.

Perspective from my Heavenly Father, on this April morning, is just what I need to live in His fullness today!  

~ Mommy