Monday, September 29, 2014

Early Fall Adventures

It's been awhile since I've shared at my little blog here, but of course that doesn't mean there hasn't been things to share.   Life has been busy and full as the new season --one of the best!-- Autumn has arrived!  

(This will be another blurry post full of pictures and few poignant words, but I wanted to catch y'all up on our life's highlights.)

There was the trip to the apple orchard!
We picked a few apples, enjoyed a huge caramel apple with nuts, and later a country dinner at the farm's restaurant.  

Distracted by dandelions...

Had to get pumpkins.  Jayden was strong like his daddy to carry one...  So proud! :D

There was the "campfire" evening when we toasted marshmallows and made gooey s'mores!  Daddy played and we all sang songs together.  We love worship songs, especially.  It was a sweet, sweet night!!

Sticky faces are the happiest ones!

Then there was the amazing getaway weekend Heath and I shared in Nashville together! Sigh. It was simply perfect!!! He and I alone for almost 3 days and away in a hotel with delicious food!!  

I'm so glad I said, "YES!".
The restaurant Josephine was outstanding.  If you're ever in the 12 South area of Nashville, pleeease have dinner at this elegant yet casual farm to table restaurant!  I could go on and on about this place, because from the atmosphere to the delicious food, to the music and service.  Perfection!

I loved my view.  Xo

We also attended a good friend's wedding.  It was a beautiful outside event in the country.  We saw friends we haven't seen in far too long.  It was wonderful!

The most recent day of family fun was Saturday, and it was packed with surprises for the kids!  We told them just before we went to each place what was about to happen.  First we went to the pumpkin patch and road in the wagon to hand pick two pumpkins and left with a frost apple cider drink for the road!

From there we took a road trip to French Lick, Indiana to see and ride Thomas the tank engine!!!! They were so surprised and Jayden was beside himself cute and happy!  It couldn't have been a more precious time.  I'm so glad they're still innocent and enjoy these things.

Jayden got to wear the train conductor's hat!

Kylie wasn't so sure about it.  (Haha... This is such a typical reaction from her!)

(As I reflect on these pictures, I noticed we ran out of time for me to really fix baby girl's hair.  Add the hot weather and a car ride nap, and you have her fantabulously fluffy hair! Haha)

Heath and I were proud of the kids and so happy we could treat them with this surprise!  

It was a gorgeous day for a road trip, and we enjoyed being together!  With Heath in residency his schedule is busy and inconsistent, so when he does have free time we try to intentionally make it quality time.  Balancing family life with a resident's schedule is very challenging, but God has helped us do it so far.  We have less than a year before that crazy schedule is over for good, though.  Next summer Heath will finish!  Honest y'all, I don't think we could make it through this season of little children, living away from family and residency without the Lord's strength!  He is my helper everyday! Whew..  That's for yet another post.  :)

So that's a very brief summary of some of the past month's adventures. There were other wonderful times such as visits from family, which is always a delight, and the everyday precious moments.  The past few weeks was one of the best stretches of the year so far!