Thursday, September 19, 2013

God Uses the Barren for His Glory

I stumbled on this today.  This is something I believe God was stirring up in my spirit last Spring.  During my prayer time one morning (I've never done this before), but I felt the urge to just begin writing down words.  I grabbed my phone and actually penned this in my "notes" on my phone. Ha

Looking back, it was written out of a place of deep faith that I firmly had after a long stretch of not having much at all.  Little did I know our life was about to drastically change with God's answer (HIS answer) to our prayers!  I just began typing what I felt come out of my heart that day.  God was doing a HUGE work in me personally that changed my whole outlook of my circumstances.

Although our children are not biological, they are certainly no less a miracle to us!!!

There is a portion in here that I wrote talking about preparing for motherhood and raising children up to serve Him.  I'm in the midst of that right now.  I want to be the very best mommy to our sweet peas, but I'm not "perfect" by any stretch!  I'm learning everyday, but I do know how important it is to raise our family in the love of Jesus so they'll come to know Him!

Anyways, here is what I jotted down several months ago.

John the Baptist 

What they have in common is all of their mothers were "barren". 

Mothers who cried out for God to open their wombs, they pled, they wept, they even laughed, but they stayed faithful.  

He answered all of their prayers and opened their wombs.  He delivered them from infertility!

These babies, men, were miracles from the time of conception. 

I believe they were born for such a time as this!  Their time on earth was kairos- time.  Sometimes we have to just trust the sovereign nature and all - knowing power of The Lord, when we don't see answers.  At all.  When we pray for His glory to be manifested in our life, we need to realize His timing is Kairos not chronos.  

He sees "time" from a perspective that would blow our minds.  

Perhaps our barrenness is only for the moment until He is ready for our child to be on earth ... 

His reason is greater than our wait.

... Our children will be on purpose.  We as future parents need to be ready!  Ready to raise up our children in the Lord's strength.  To prepare them for the mission God has called on their lives.  Because He does have a calling on their lives!

These babies born from a former barren womb all became great men of God who were used to pave the way for Jesus Christ to come to earth!!  

Coincidence--you think-- that all of their mothers had to wait?  Waiting with some days in agony and some days in firm faith but waiting in prayer for their time.  I don't think so!  
Their children grew up:

Impacting generations for all time.  

Following God's lead in their life.

Sacrificing to bring glory to Him.

Allowing themselves to be humble vessels of light in the boldness of truth.  

I appreciate these women for not growing so weary their hope fades, and they accept their barrenness as a curse.  Even Sarah laughed when she heard she was having a baby, for it was that impossible... So she thought!  The Lord is full of sweet surprises, and when we delight in Him he gives us the desires of our heart, and when we seek His face He will deliver and heal our land.   I also believe when we trust Him, He will not only do things for our good but greater yet... He will use us(!) and our children in a higher calling for His glory!!!

His ways are higher than our ways, 
His thoughts are deeper that our thoughts,
His Love is stronger than our love ...

              So what is there not to trust?

"To every thing there is a season; and a time to every purpose under Heaven."
Eccles.  3:1

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eyes Opened

"...having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you, what are the riches of his glorious inheritance of the saints.."  Eph. 1:18 ESV

You know how at certain times --during very ordinary days, while doing mundane things--Your eyes are opened to SEE what's really there?  

You look at something that's always been there, but this time you see it.  

See what God has placed in your life, and it seems to jolt you awake to His goodness!

I was blowing my hair dry in attempt to quickly get ready while our kids were watching a little video.  It was another very long day for Daddy at work, which means a very long day at home.  The kind of day where he will need to wake up the kids to tell them he misses and loves them in order to see them at all! 

I was rushing around in order to get to Target for basic needs like milk, bananas, and coffee.  As my head was hanging wildly upside-down with the blow dryer full speed, I glanced over and saw it.  Something I've looked at a thousand times before was different.

I noticed that our little nest, our home, has changed.

No, it wasn't the toys and books lying around, the dusty everything, the crumbs that always decorate our dining table, or even Rocky Mts. of clean laundry.

I've lived in this home for over a year, but now I see answered prayers that look like primary colored construction paper in the shape of apples and autumn leaves.  

I see the story of Jesus feeding the crowd with fish and bread (of life) with scripture verses.  Each masterpiece haphazardly colored by an artist with a tightly closed fist and pudgy little fingers.

I see a once uncluttered fridge now proudly displaying projects created by little people held up with Winnie the Pooh and Thomas the Train magnets.

I see photos lining the stairway and hall of not only my husband and I, but our children!  The ones whom we asked and begged God for.  The ones God promised us!

As the afternoon sunshine streamed in my kitchen window, God was shedding light to reveal the miracles in the everyday in my life!  

I felt so much contentment and joy, and it was exactly what I needed to finish the long day that yesterday was.

Later on, after Little Bear and Little Lady had been tucked away in their tiny toddler beds under hoards of blankets (at their request), I lit my first autumn candle of the year.  It's amazing what a cozy, yummy candle can do for the soul.

I sipped a freshly brewed cup of delicious Decaf coffee complete with bubbles, while the lights were dim.  There's something about a hot drink that seems takes me to my warm and fuzzy place.  It slows me down a bit... After all you can only sip something hot!

It was quiet in my nest.  It was peaceful in my heart...  

These quiet times are when God secures what He has revealed to me in the day.  When I can really thank and praise Him for being so big and so unbelievably good to us.

With a two and three year old, yes, life is chaotic and tiresome at times.  I hope, trust and pray I'm the mommy God wants me to be.  Despite all of these new challenges I face, I can honestly say that my heart is filled with a satisfaction that I can't really explain!

My new crazy life is sane

Even in the midst of pretending, playing, reading, finding, wiping hands, faces, (and bottoms) there is joy!

Even when both kids --at the very same time--want my attention, or jump, tickle, and hang on my legs.  When they need me, show me, share with me, or push my patience buttons, my mind may be spinning, but there is a deeper peace.

When Daddy is working and we're getting ready for church and there are arms stuck, legs stuck, shoes on the wrong feet and rooster tails to comb out of little boys hair, all while sharing a 3x5 ft. bathroom, I have to smile because these are the wild mornings I wished for!  The moments that seem ordinary are the things I've been waiting for all these years!!

Maybe it's me, but I find that parenting isn't always easy

Although the unrelentless satisfaction and peace I have from my Blessings far outshine any moments of exhaustion!!!

Being Mommy is rewarding.  Fulfilling.  Adventurous and Amazing.  

I haven't needed God more than I do as a parent, but I think that's just where He wants me to be... relying on Him!

I decided to make some special French toast this morning for my two button nosed tots. 

There is nothing more precious that getting genuine, unprompted  "Mommy, this is soooo yummy!" And shouts of THAAANK YOOU!!! for something just as simple as breakfast.  :)

I kiss sticky lips and squishy cheeks and tell them how thankful we are that God has brought us together as a family!  We tell them that every day.

As my heart melts over French toast, I prepare myself for another day, but decide to open my eyes.
Even while I'm drying my hair. 

"You have turned my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness, that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent.  O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever."   Psalm 30:11-12