Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Thankful Heart

Right now I'm feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude for God giving me a son and a daughter!  There were years where I didn't know if we would ever have either one, and a period of time that I actually was at peace with living the rest of my life without children, if that's what God wanted for me. (That place came out of giving God truly my everything and trusting Him on a deeper level.  That's a whole different post, or book!)  

Despite all, somehow I always knew I was made to be a mom.

didn't know that He would surprise us by so generously giving us both a girl and a boy!  I always wanted a child of each gender, but you see when you try for so very long to have a baby or experience loss, you sometimes find yourself in a place of honest contentment for whatever God wants. That's where we were.  Open to His plan!

1 child. 
A baker's dozen.  

(Okay, okay!) 

Any or all of the above sounded like a blessing to us when our hearts had parent shaped holes that wouldn't heal.

(But God!) did the exceptional!!!

He knew our heart's desire, and He gave us just that.  He gave us two bright, beautiful children (not perfect but as close as they come, lol), son AND a daughter!  

I get to experience the princess time, tea parties, baby dolls, makeup, shopping, cooking, frilly fuss with my baby girl. 

(She likes cupcakes like her mama!)

I also get to play rough and rowdy, laugh at jokes, imagine I'm a super hero or someone's princess, ooh and aah over bugs, kiss lots of boo boos and will one day have another man in the house, with our dear son!

could carry on about how thankful I am for our two wonderful children, and how our Heavenly Father hand picked our family as intricately as if I bore them myself.  But for now on this hot summer afternoon, this brief summery of my joyful thoughts will just have to do!

No matter how hard the day is, how tired I may be, how messy the house is, or what I look like at the end of the night, one thing overrides... 
I have a full heart and I love my family!!!      

 Jeremiah 33:3