Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Cup of Mommy Time

It's a wonderful day!

Caramel brûlée latte.  First holiday coffee of the season which is perfect since I'm doing a little {Christmas} shopping for the family today!  Oh, how I love this time of year with Thanksgiving fast approaching and Christmas on my mind. 

My little treasures are at preschool and I can spend 4 hours in a little indulgence with coffee and driving to the sounds of Ben Rector's new album.  <3

Hi there:)

The trees in our neighborhood are so gorgeous right now!  My yard is a lush carpet of red and gold, and I love it!!!

God gives rest to the weary, and days like this are a good reminder as a mommy of two tiny tots with holidays around the corner!

I like to call this photo Buried Treasure:)

I  hope you all enjoy this gorgeous Autumn day like I am! 


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elizabeth said...

Love all your're a beauty and your littles are adorable!