Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Blustery Day & Family Time Pics

Today is a cold, cloudy, blustery day outside which means it's perfect weather for candles, a toasty fireplace, baking pie, and cozy houseshoes!  It's a good day to stay inside and get comfy...

Apple pie time... again!  It's really a favorite of ours right now, and it makes the house smell unbelievable!  There is something about the process of making it--the peeling and slicing apples, measuring the spices, and cutting in the butter-- the whole thing is very relaxing and almost as satisfying as eating a slice freshly baked. 

Extra pie dough means cinnamon sugar hearts for the wee ones after naptime!  Like little cookies, they bake in a snap and taste delicious!  I just used Trader Joes frozen roll out crust, but it's still flaky and buttery.  Oh, how I love crust. 

Aren't they just the sweetest thing? :)

The apple cider simmers while the kids nap.  I wanted a sipper while I listened to worship music and call my family.  (I've already met my coffee limit!). I have to mentally slow down sometimes to reset myself.  Talking to Jesus, having music going, sitting down with a cozy drink and chatting with my Mom are all things that help mid-day during naptime!  It's a great excuse to stay inside when outside is frosty, but I'm enjoying the view of the leaves in their golds and oranges falling.  I love Kentucky in the fall!

Here are some precious moments that we captured when visited the quaint, small town of Glendale, Ky.  We've shared memories here for the past few years as I shop antiques and eat at a special little restaurant.  

Think Mayberry.

(Our favorite restaurant and shop to visit, The Whistle Stop!  The coconut pie is amazing.

I love these two little hearts as they learn and grow everyday.  Wow, God is awesome!!!

This beautiful old barn was just asking for pictures...

Last weekend we saw Heath's family and had a wonderful time!!!  What blessings they are.

Our son dressed in his daddy's classic overall and hat!!

Precious then and handsome now, my husband.

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elizabeth said...

I always love seeing what your little family is up to! My girls and now my grandkids used to sing a little song as toddlers, "with Jesus in the family, happy, happy home", and I can see it's true in your family!