Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fun, Family, and of course, Coffee!

Allow me to walk you through a special day with many pictures and few words...

The Pirate.

The Little Mommy.

Hazelnut Macchiato with just Mom and Sis.

Beautiful day.  Beautiful time with two of my favorite hearts in the world!

(Over coffee... Of course!)


Mexican food accompanies girl talk and a gift for my sissy.
(Avocado chicken enchiladas, rice & beans, Chuy's jalapeño dip & chips!)

New outfit from Grammy.  Very. Happy girl!

Let my sister's celebration begin, first time as "Aunt".

A precious family photo on the steps.   L<3 V E 

Joy!  Grandchildren from the Lord.

 The card anticipation must have been riveting!

Mammy's moist, old fashioned, heirloom carrot cake.  The baker was Mom.  Nuff said.  :)

Magical moments. A wish in the making.

A new year begins for my sister.  God's love never fails.

Birthday party fun really begins once the sugar is consumed!

Happiness abounds watching little toes jump and eyes light up over candy colored balloons.

I love the age that my son is jumping his highest not to get a basket, but a balloon.

He comes to Mommy...
Tired but content.  My handsome teddy bear.  Our son!

Rocking chair. Books. Blankets. Cuddles. Sleepy eyes and Grammy. 

The perfect ending to a sweet, blessed time with family!

~ Mommy


elizabeth said...

What a blessing to your babies for God to give them not only such loving parents, but extended family!

Beth @A Little Country House said...

You all are so perfect together! Love seeing it! Precious babies!