Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy Day!

Why the excited expression??

God is an amazing Father!!!

It's been a week full of things to be thankful for and unexpected blessings!  I just have to share them with you.

Today, our kids started preschool for the year!  2 half-days a week of fun learning for them and time to do everything else for me!  Can I first say how thankful I am to my husband for working hard so I can live my dream as a mommy.  I'm grateful to be able to send my kids to a nearby, precious little private preschool where they get quality attention.  Thank you, Honey for all you do for our family!  I don't take one day of your sacrifice for granted.

We had an incredible summer filled with firsts!  I could do it all again because it was really so much fun, but it is time for just a teensy break to do a few things a week by myself.  There are just some places that aren't easy to go with children (right Mamas?), and with no grandparents living close by, these few hours every week are good for us all. 

That leads me back to the "excited" picture I took this morning after dropping them off.  It was a fantastic morning!  The children were just sooo sweet getting all dressed up for the first day.  Jayden anxiously put on his clothes just after waking up (not like him) and was such a big boy about going into his new class!  Kylie felt like a big girl in her new dress that my grandparents graciously sent her via package in the mail last week.  Her big brown eyes were shining as she told me she was going to miss me.  She did wonderful!

The cherry on top of my good morning was very an unexpected surprise...

A delicious, hot cup of Starbucks caramel macchiato was waiting for me on the patio after I got out of the shower!

One of my dearest friends felt inclined to bless me --out of the blue --with a special treat this morning!  God can make even our small gestures of love to someone be a blessing beyond what we actually give!  Thank you to my sweet friend, more than you know for such kindness.

That leads me to the next surprise that was delivered this week.  It's from the best mom in the world!


She sent me a beautiful card filled with uplifting words that filled my soul with joy!  Her ministry, of sorts, is giving personal cards that really move me to tears sometimes.  Mom has always put love into writing letters and sending cards to family and friends.  She lives across the state, and I miss her so much!!

But it gets even better as this little thing was tucked inside...

Wahoo!!  Completely unexpected and trust me when I say I opened it in just the day I needed to.  Oh, how I love browsing the isles to find the perfect read for me.  I've always loved to read books, and with the kids back in preschool a couple days a week, I'll have more time again.  She sent this as a special gift to me just for being her daughter and mommy of her grand kids.  What a sweet way to start of the school year for me.  She is one of the most generous women I know!
Thanks Mom!!!

So that leaves me here...

My coffee and new book.  All because God allows such amazing people in my life!!!  So. Grateful.
I am blessed to be a blessing. 
I'm going to start on my book now, and I'll hopefully chat with you again soon!


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